Be good for goodness sake! Like the famous jingle, Santa Claus will be making an appearance in Strathmore during the Santa Claus Parade.

Hayley Poirier from The REPS of Re Max Key speaks about the parade registration as the town begins to glitter with decorations and a happy Christmas spirit.

“Everybody is happy to hear that Santa Claus is coming back to town and the Santa Claus parade registration is going really well. We're encouraging businesses and nonprofits to register at the town website or on our social media and next week, we expect that we'll see even more people registering,” she said.

“Registration closes on November 25th, so get yourself registered!” she said.

Spectators can look forwards to some live music in the form of marching bands in this year’s parade.

“The lights coming down the street, the music playing, everybody in there snugly warm coats waiting for Santa Claus to come and the way the kids eyes light up when they see Santa is just so special, that's my favorite part without a doubt,” said Poirier.

“I think what's special about this evening is that the parade kind of kicks off the Celebration of Lights.

"Once you have seen Santa at the parade, then we're encouraging everybody to head up to the Ag. Grounds to enjoy the Celebration of lights. That's opening night and this parade does kind of kick-off that whole event.”

You can also vote for who you think had the best floats this year.

There will be a QR code at the parade to scan and vote, or you can vote at the REPS of Re-Max Key website to vote.

“We want people after the parade is over to vote online at the Re-Max Key website,” said Poirier.

“There's a link on our website where you can vote for your favourite float and there is prize money donated by the Town of Strathmore for some of our entries to win. And we're also going to have QR codes placed strategically along the parade route so that you can take a picture of the QR code.

"It will take you directly to the link and you can vote right there and then.”

Poirier noted that to get into the parade you need to register on the Town of Strathmore’s website, or by visiting The REPS of Re Max Key’s social media sites.