The new year will see a few more cents being saved at the pumps for Albertans as the provincial government brings back the 13-cent provincial fuel tax suspension.

Premier Danielle Smith made the announcement while addressing her Inflation Relief Act, which is meant to help curb the increase in the cost of living and tackle inflation. 

Earlier in the year, a 13 cents/litre provincial fuel tax suspension was replaced with only 4.5 cents/litre which is where the province still sits. Starting in January and lasting until June 30, 2023, regardless of oil prices, the entire 13-cent provincial fuel tax on gasoline and diesel will be suspended.

After June 2023, fuel tax relief will continue to be reviewed on a quarterly basis. If average oil prices are above $80 per barrel, the fuel tax relief will be extended or reinstated in stages.

Currently, in Strathmore regular gas is at 129.9 cents/litre while diesel is at 184.9 cents/litre at some stations.