Langdon Fire Station 111's annual Santa Run is returning for its 29th year! This Christmas tradition sees the fire fighters at Station 111 volunteer to help Santa drive around town to say hi to everyone on Christmas Eve.

Station 111's Captain Corrie Carrobourg explained it's a lot of work to coordinate, but it's all worth it to spread Christmas cheer.

"It's pretty heartwarming to see the kids' faces and to have Santa come around. We try to get photos with families that are in the community; usually what they'll do is they'll come out of their homes and meet us out on the street and we'll stop for a quick picture," he said.

The route starts at 4:30 PM, and takes approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours, although Carrobourg said that's just a guess and doesn't have an exact time in mind.

Even though this is run by the fire station, Carrobourg said this event doesn't happen without all the community support it receives.

"Just a big huge thank you to all of our supporters and to the community members that come out and take part with us. We really appreciate their involvement and we hope to keep the tradition going for as long as we can." 

mapThe map of this year's route

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