This Halloween get even more scared at the Strathmore Ag Grounds for the 2nd Annual Fright Night.  

After a successful run in their first year, the Scott family and the Strathmore Ag Society have teamed up to make this year’s event even more terrifying.  

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“We definitely promised to make it bigger and better, so basically last year our idea was to have something a little bit less scary for kids. But we can have that rough age where they don't really like the little kid one but also, it's a little bit too spooky with the bigger one. So, this year, we've definitely tried to cater a little bit more to both the ages,” explained Christine Scott.  

This year, there is the newly improved Lil’ Buckaroo Spook, and two new mazes. There is the intermediate “Your Worst Nightmare” maze and the high spook factor, the “Asylum of Strathmore” maze.  

Scott thinks that the Your Worst Nightmare maze will be suitable for ages over 10 but she does warn that it does include some jump scares in it.  

Only the bravest will be able to enter the Asylum of Strathmore which will lead them through a newly opened asylum where the patients seem to have more than recovery on their minds.  

The Lil Buckaroo Spook has also been expanded to include more events at the grounds.  

“We've definitely upgraded what's there for the little kids as well, because there will be pumpkin carving, but there's also going to be a carnival-type event in terms of games and concession stand.” 

Currently, Scott is mapping out the mazes and getting the walls up at the Ag Grounds. She explained that Halloween is her family’s Christmas, and she cannot wait to hear the first scream echo in the building on opening night.