We are back with our first delivery of the Seed N Feed and the 104.5 More Country team is back on the road with our lunch delivery thanks in part to today's sponsor JMR - Jay's Mechanical Repair and to Mikes Bar & Grill for providing lunch to our lucky crew. 

Hilton Ventures is well underway this seeding season with over 3000 acres already done, the crew stopped for a quick lunch break today with the More Country team.

The crew has a full load this year with 16,500 acres in total there is still a way to go planting malt barley for Origin Malting and Brewing as well as wheat and canola.

Hilton said they are on schedule this year, "Been going good so far we have great equipment and good crew>"

The family has been around since 1910 in the area, "Family makes it fun everyone cares and works hard to get the seeds in the ground. There is a passion for farming with our family especially when it's time to get the jobs done."

The summer is taking up with spraying and hauling grain and getting equipment ready to harvest all over again. 

Nominate a farm today: strathmorenow.com/seed-n-feed