Seed and Feed powered by JMR mechanical paid a visit to the hard-working and multi-talented crew at Van Bavel Joint Ventures

When the crew at More Country 104.5 caught up with them with a free pizza lunch from Mike's Bar and Grill they were enjoying a well-deserved break from seeding canola, peas, barley, and wheat on their impressive 1150 acres, and if that wasn't enough they also have an additional 2000 acres of hay that they look after.

Van Bevel Joint Ventures also offers many other services to the Strathmore area which keep them very busy as Rod Van Bavel explains 

“Well, we started custom haying in 1988 and that's our main thing. Custom baling, we got cows too and we build portable panels for other farmers and ranchers.”

Today’s delivery was sponsored by West Side Finishing 

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