Today the team at 104.5 More Country stopped by Wheeler farms with free pizza from Mikes Bar and Grill for one of the last deliveries for the Seed and Feed program which is powered by JMR mechanical as the Wheelers were wrapping up this season's seeding.

The hard-working crew was nominated by a neighbour and has been seeding oats, barley, canola and peas on their 5400-acre generational farm which was founded in 1908.

Kelly Wheeler is a 4th generation farmer who shared what his season has been like so far. 

“Oh, we've been broken down every day. We have a gremlin and our gremlin has been running around our tractor. It's been hard to find but we think we've chased him out finally, so that's kind of why we're still seeding. It's been raining a little bit, so that's been pretty exciting. I think that the most exciting news in this area is that it's rained. So I would say that by far is topping our list this month.”

Besides seeding and chasing gremlins, Wheeler Farms also has 600 heads of cattle that keep him and his family busy during the winter months. 

Today’s delivery was sponsored by Authentic Orthodontics

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