The 104.5 More Country team came out to visit the crew at Magnum Opus for the first Seed and Feed delivery of the week!

The crew stopped seeding their 10,000 acres to have some lunch that was provided by Mike's Bar & Grill with the sponsor being Value Drug Mart. Magnum Opus manager Carter Seminuk explained that this year has been going well, despite them starting late. 

"We are late for sure, but we got good moisture in the ground. We are behind but we are trying to rush, and we are getting some acres done now which is good."

This year they are trying the Bio-Agtive method which is one of the newest technologies in agriculture at the moment. As Seminuk explains, it's where you don't use any fertilizer.

"You use the diesel fuel that goes through your engine, and it gets piped down into your drill and it changes the whole plant's physiology and hopefully it works. It's a big step so we are trying it on half our acres." 

Seminuk leaves off with a message for his crew to get them through these long days and late nights, as they are running 24-hour seeding. 

"Just take care of yourself really, we are working really long hours, all of us are. So, if you need a break, somebody else could probably step up and fill in for that position and if you need half a day, we could probably do that. We are behind, so we are trying to push hard and run both our drills 24-7. We really want to get caught up, once we are caught up hopefully, we can back off a bit so just take care of yourself."

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