The Strathmore Community Football Association (SCFA) announced that the group will no longer provide a 9 man senior football program this year.

According to Doug Thiessen, president of the SCFA and coach for the peewee team, the team was cancelled due to complications with the senior league. Thiessen said, “last year they were down to really two other teams that were active in the league, one of those kept cancelling games. We had kids practicing, but they never had a chance to play.”

Thiessen said the group looked to the Strathmore High School (SHS) to see if they would be willing to open up to accepting players from other schools in the community, as originally SHS was not able to accept players from other schools due to the league structure. He said, “Once they said they were willing to do that, we looked at it and said participating in a league where you might only have one or two teams doesn’t make a lot of sense. We decided to wrap up our senior side and work with the high school going forward.”

Thiessen explained that it is better for the kids to play for SHS because not only does the school have a bigger group to choose from, but the kids will be given a chance to play in a more active league.

Thiessen said if there was a real big interest in the future to bring back the team, the association would look into it. He said, “would we look at it again if there was a need for it? Yes we will continue to always look at what options are out there, and where we might need a need for football. Part of our goal is to keep promoting football in the community.”

“The big add would be to thank Sean for all his work with that senior program and trying to make it work. He is going to stay on and help coach peewee and bantam as a line coach. We want to thank all the kids that did participate,” said Thiessen.