If you drove by the Wheatland Lodge yesterday, you may have seen a surprising sight!

To celebrate Seniors' Week, the Wheatland Lodge hosted a carnival. While this is normally an annual event due to Covid-19, it was the first time in two years they could host it.

You could feel the excitement and energy in the air to celebrate the return of the carnival. With plenty of activities, live music and even mini donuts, there was no shortage of things to do.

Yvonne Stoodley is one of the seniors that enjoyed the carnival, and she said it's great to have a day to celebrate.

"We're lucky to have a day like this. It's usually a good day, the people enjoy it and it gets them outside, gets the elder people outside. It's a great day, we have a lot of fun," she said.

There were fast-paced games like noodle hockey and a scooter obstacle course, on the more relaxing side, there was a petting zoo and photo booths. Dot Mcgillis got involved in a lot of the activities, and she said it's awesome to have the carnival after being stuck inside for the last two years.

"Very, very fun. I have driven the carts, I've played hockey. It's great. Indescribable. It's not good being inside all the time, not able to go out," she said.

CAO of Wheatland Lodge Vickey Cook also enjoyed the carnival. She said a lot of work went into it with the administration, managers, coordinators and volunteers all working together to deliver a great experience. The hard work paid off, as the afternoon was a big hit.

"It's a great get together. we haven't been able to do it for a while so it's lots of fun. It is so nice to hear everyone's laughter and just having a fun time," Cook said.