The Bannock and Tea Series in partnership with Trellis Commons is returning. 

Town of Strathmore Indigenous Liaison, Astokomii Smith, explained this is an opportunity for the community to get together and talk with an elder.

"There is no agenda for these get-togethers, the conversations usually depend on what the attendees ask or what stories and teachings the elder brings, and of course we have some tea and delicious bannock." 

The event is open to everyone in the community, however, Smith said some topics may be sensitive.

"The nature of the conversations may be sensitive topics like residential school could be brought up, but it really depends on what people are asking." 

Smith thought of having this event after she attended the Senior Power Conference

"They had an Indigenous elder speak about sexual history and a lot of the participants were talking about how more of that needs to happen. Listening to elders and learning from them."

Bannock and Tea is an event that Smith wants to do on a more regular basis in the community.

"The idea was we were going to do them every so often and I know that Trellis does their own Bannock and Tea every so often as well." 

Bannock and Tea will be held at the Strathmore Municipal Library on Nov. 16 from 10 a.m. to noon. There is no registration to attend.

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