Another May long weekend is upon and the question will inevitably come up, will we see snow, rain, or some sunshine? 

Kyle Fougere a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada explained what we can expect.

“So the precipitation is moving through the province today into tomorrow, so anyone in higher elevation areas is likely going to wake up to snow tomorrow and there is potential for even some snow in the Calgary area. Things are going to clear tomorrow as we move into the weekend, we're going to see the sun come out and temperatures are going to rebound as we move into next week.”

Strathmore should be on the right side of mother nature with no snow in our forecast, with a high of 12 expected on Friday, 13 on Saturday, 17 on Sunday, and 20 on Monday. 

Those looking to go into Banff this weekend may want to check their local forecasts as a cold front has crept across the mountains overnight and campers may see some snow as they head up into the mountains this weekend 

Fougere illustrates what May long campers may be facing, 

“There is a low-pressure system that's moved through the province. It moved through overnight and so a cold front swept through we do have a lot of precipitation across the province now and for most of the places in the prairies, it's falling as rain.  In the higher terrain, we are expecting snow especially overnight tonight so in places like Nordegg up to Hinton we do have snowfall warnings out with 10 to 20 centimetres expected.”

So are we going to see a snowy and rainy spring and summer? Fougere doesn't think so and in fact, he expects a return to the dry Strathmore status quo. 

“May is typically a pretty active month and it's a month where we do tend to see these low-pressure systems have snow associated with it, so thanks as we move into June that that risk is a lot less. We are expecting this summer in the Strathmore area to be slightly warmer than normal. Unfortunately, because of that, it has been quite dry over the last year.”

Before heading out this weekend check the forecast for the area you may traveling to just in case our beloved Alberta Weather decides to have another tantrum.