Weather-wise, November has not been kind to us. But that should be starting to shift this week, although Strathmore and area will need to wait out the current snowfall warning. 

Natalie Hasell, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment Canada, says we can expect things to hit a bit harder later today. 

"We are looking at snow amounts totaling somewhere between 10 and 25 centimeters, that would be by tonight. The bulk of it's really happening earlier this evening, we do also have gusting winds in Strathmore at around 50 kilometres an hour, although some other areas near you (Strathmore) are experiencing a tighter gradient so they could see stronger gusts, so visibility will be poor."

Once this snow passes, Hasell explained the cooler temperatures overnight will stick around for a few days, "After this system leaves the area Strathmore will be in the colder air mass, so overnight temperatures will be particularly tricky."

Strathmore and surrounding areas can expect overnight temperatures ranging from -20 to -25 until Thursday evening.

"Any winds in those circumstances could make things at least uncomfortable, but we're not calling for extreme cold at all, this will be colder than the area has experienced recently," noted Hassell. 

The good news is there does look to be a shift in temperature coming to the area just in time for the weekend.

"We do see improvement as temperatures slowly return, the current forecast for Saturday, for instance, has a high of -1 and we're not expecting any snow after today either, so that's pretty encouraging." 

Hasell did say that although the models she is looking at does not show any major dips in temperature next week, there is a chance we may see some more snow on the way. 

For those needing to do any traveling in the coming days, most areas south of Strathmore have experienced similar if not worse conditions than the Strathmore area and it is best to check ahead before you head out.   

All in all the weather coming up is fairly typical for this type of year, so if you don't have the Christmas lights up just yet this weekend looks ideal to climb up and tackle that task. 

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