Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc. (RES) is embarking on an exciting new solar energy project near the community of Carseland. They have applied for approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission to develop, build and operate the Nova Solar Power Plant (“Nova”). Nova is a 150MWac solar energy generation power plant. The plant will be located about 2 kilometers southwest of Carseland in Wheatland County.

The project will be located on about 950 acres of land. The project proposes to connect to the Alberta Interconnected Electricity System (AIES) by t-tapping an AltaLink owned and operated 240kV transmission line via an approximately 6 km Project transmission line.

Currently, RES has sent out project information to stakeholders in the area surrounding the project.

It’s expected that construction will start in the spring or summer of 2023.

The local community will receive benefits from the proposed Nova Solar Power Project, including:

• Municipal tax revenues throughout the life of the project.

• Construction and operations jobs and support services during construction and throughout the life of the Project.

• Contract opportunities for local businesses.

• Increased local spending on goods and services during the Project’s development, construction and operational phases.

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