The Strathmore High School Spartans Football team (1-3) is preparing for another tough challenge on home turf this Saturday at 1:30 PM. The Bert Church High School Chargers are visiting from Airdrie, and Head Coach Danny Warrack is expecting the team to have their hands full.

"They got a really good running back, he is going to give us some issues I'm sure, but we'll be working on trying to make a plan to keep them contained."

The defense has shown steady improvement over the season, so Warrack is confident that his guys will be ready for the challenge.

"They have been getting better. Our defensive coordinator and his assistant, they're doing a good job. Some of our inexperience shows at times, usually during a crucial moment, but that's ok. They're getting better. We played a really good football team on Friday and they held them to 26 points, and there was one touchdown where they got a turnover on our own 2 yard line. So it's pretty easy to score when he got 3 tries from the 2 yard line, so I thought they did a pretty good job."

Warrack is happy with how the defense has been playing, but the offense is another story. He says the team didn't put in enough work during the offseason, and it shows in the lack of points they've been able to put up.

"There's some guys on our team, I guess I could say I've been been a little disappointed with their performance, especially some of the grade 12 guys. They didn't come into camp in the condition they needed to be in and it shows." 

While it's disappointing for Warrack, he hopes this is a learning experience for the team, particularly for the grade 10 and 11s on the roster. For now, Warrack said he'll be making some big changes on offense to try and get the team going.

To overcome the Chargers, the Spartans will have to rely on their steadily improving defense and hope the offense finds a spark with big changes on the way. It's possible the team could look a lot different than what we've been used to seeing so far this season, and hopefully, a new look team is able to pull off the upset,

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