The Strathmore High School (SHS) Sr. girls Basketball team won the League Championships against Holy Trinity Academy in Okotoks on Sunday.  

SHS teacher and Head Coach Dion Galandy says this is pretty exciting, but he wouldn’t say it's a big win because at this point in the season the team is expected to win and to have the effort to win.  

“We have been very relentless this season in terms of playing games and playing opponents. We are the league champions, it’s a banner that goes in the school and that is fantastic, but it is not our ultimate goal for this year.”  

Given the team's talent and expectations around them, Galandy says this is just another expected win, and the team got to this point through determination and hard work. That was proven in his favorite win of the season was, when the team was playing Strathcona Christian Academy in their gym in December. 

“We were down every minute of the game except for the last two minutes. We kept fighting and chipping away and continued our effort and ended up winning the game with a hostile crowd and that was pretty cool.”  

Galandy says the team has really improved in the sense that they are starting to believe who they are. The Sr. girls' basketball team have been in the top three for the three ranking periods and now have been ranked number one in the province. 

“I think that the girls have finally started to believe that. I know that we are expected to win because we are number one in the province, however the girls are not just going in and expecting to win."

There ultimate goal is to win zones so that they can ultimately become number one in the province. For more information on their game time and schedule visit the Strathmore High School Facebook page here.

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