Summer is coming up, which usually means it's time for a vacation to spend some time away from home. However, rising gas prices may have something to say about that.

With gas sitting steady at 191.9 cents per litre for the last couple of weeks, getting around has been more costly than ever. It's impacted more than just travelling though; with rising costs impacting the supply chain as well, we are also seeing groceries, energy and other necessities rise as well.

These staggering costs have some people reconsidering their summer plans.

"We're going to Edmonton for the long weekend to visit my wife's family, but aside from that we don't make any travel plans because it's so ridiculously expensive. I drive a car with a 50-55 litre tank, and it's now costing about $100 bucks to fill it up," says Chris Moerschfelder.

"If it's not within an hour or so drive, it's just to the point where we can't afford to do anything else except drive."

Moerschfelder said he and his wife went to Lethbridge last year, and gas prices wasn't even a consideration. Now, it's become so expensive that he can't afford a trip anywhere else. 

"We had talked last summer after getting back from Lethbridge saying it would be nice to go to Jasper or it would be nice to go to BC. Now, I'd be looking at that going 'ok, well our vehicle will get 500 kilometres, that's going to be at least 2 tank fulls, so we have to set aside practically $300 just to cover the fuel'. That's two nights at a really good local hotel. So do we go away and get nothing? Do we stay close and pamper ourselves? It's become very much a balancing act."

Pam Metzger is another local resident struggling with the increase in gas prices. While her normal summer plans would include travelling with her horses for competitions and horse showings, she said this will be much harder, if not impossible with the costs.

"I am not going to be hauling my horses with my big truck as much as I had planned. I haven't filled my whole tank since the prices have jumped, but a half tank is $125. I am cutting back on my plans, not going as far as far as camping and trips afar. I'm planning closer trips."

Metzger said she went to Etherington last summer, which is around a 2 hour drive away. This year, she's only planning for distances that are an hour away. And it isn't just longer trips that Metzger is concerned about; her daily life has also changed.

"Everyone will have to be more frugal and combine trips. I used to just take the dogs for a drive to take them for a walk somewhere new, and if I cant combine it with something else it's just not in the budget," Metzger says.

"The combination of everything else going up in price on top of the gas makes you cut back in all different areas."

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