The Village of Standard will be celebrating their centennial this Saturday!

100 years is a monumental accomplishment for a village to hit, and Chair of the Standard Centennial Brent Gregory is excited to celebrate.

"I think it will be a good time, it'll be reminiscent, everybody will come back that has lived here or would like to just see a little bit of country and just enjoy the day. I think it'll be good, hopefully it's a relaxing day," he said.

The day will be full of events for people of all ages. Some of these include kids' activities like a watermelon eating contest and games, an entertainment tent with live music, drinks and food, and a coffee party for the seniors!

StandardModern-day Standard. Photo Courtesy Shelley Rasmussen

While the numerous events alone are exciting enough, Gregory is looking forward to celebrating Standard's history as well

"The church will be open, they've got displays in the church, you can go through and see the church, for people that want to come back to Standard that were confirmed in the church or went to church there."

"Down by memory lane they've got a caboose, they're going to have a person in there giving you a tour of the caboose and explaining the pictures and everything in there."

He added they hope to show off a lot of farm equipment through Standard's history as well and have displays showing how farming techniques were done with older technologies.

"They're going to thresh barley. We're going to try and have new equipment, old equipment, in-the-beginning equipment, they're going to try and put a grain wagon beside a Super-B just to see how people used to move grain to how they move grain now. Just a variety of things to look at to see how life in the country has evolved."

On top of all of that, the day is scheduled to end with a big fireworks show!

"They're going to fireworks to music, if you want to go down on to what we call memory lane, they're going to have a speaker that will play music to their fireworks, I think we have about $9,500 worth of fireworks to go off so that should be a good show."

Gregory made sure to thank all the volunteers and other organizers who are helping to put this on, and mentioned that Shelley Rasmussen has been a key part of setting it all up.

"I don't think if she would've been around half this stuff wouldn't have happened. She's pretty good at organizing stuff. She's definitely the one that's dotted the i's and crossed the t's."

While the fireworks show will be capping the day off, festivities will continue until midnight so you can keep the party going even after that's all done!