As part of the Village of Standard's 4th annual Sports Day, the village had a mini rodeo at the edge of town near the baseball diamonds.  Dark rain clouds threatened to pour down on the attendees of the event, as cool winds pulled at the hats and tent strings of the beer gardens.  According to the workers at the arena, the rodeo would go on rain or shine, so there was no stopping those little buckaroos.  Coming out of the chutes, little cowboys and cowgirls as young as three years old, showed no fear as they attempted to hold on to the running sheep.  The event entices young people to love the rodeo early on in life. 

Stephanie Nelson, one of the organizers talked about the events kids could participate in, "a calf scramble where kids have to drag out a 300 to 500-pound calf and get them into a suckle.  We have mini buckers, that entails kids riding a little pony and stay on for six seconds, and a sheep ride.  We have a Gymkhana, and we have quite a few kids entered into that.  It is a where you basically take your horses, and do barrels, poles, and just a couple events with your horse."

The following day was just as great, kicking things off with a parade, and a dance.  For the young ones who may have some issues with animals, or livestock, a kids zone was set up with a bouncy castle and face painting.  Nelson said there were event events for just kids, "Some kids aren't around animals, or are scared of animals. We actually have two events, the tug of war, and the chariot race.  The tug of war, you just put them into groups, and you know, tug of war, and the chariot you get teams of three, or five people and you have to race down, and they have to pull somebody in a calf sled."