Over the weekend an anonymous donor paid $3000 worth of food for shoppers at Tina's No Frills.

Front end manager and bookkeeper Laine Creighton said he initially heard about the donation when his supervisor mentioned a lady was interested, but he was not expecting a donation of such magnitude.

"I thought that it was someone asking for a donation, not to make a donation, but it was a lady that wanted to donate $3000 to the customers that were coming in. So, everyone that came through the tills got their groceries paid for." 

The money was divided into President Choice gift cards and when a customer came through the tills, they were lucky enough to find out their groceries were already paid for.

"There was a lady and her husband that couldn't believe it, they thought I was just pulling her leg. A lot of the customers were shocked." 

As for the employee's reactions, many of them didn't know this was happening because it happened so quickly. 

"I ended up phoning her (anonymous donor) the day before it happened then she came in that morning and there weren't many managers about. So not many of them knew what was about to happen."

Creighton leaves off with a message to the customers that ended up walking away with free groceries. 

"Hopefully you can pay it forward when they have the means. In a time like this, it's nice to see how people are still willing to help out their neighbors in a time of need."

No Frills

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