Strathmore football players will be getting prepared to get back in action soon.

The Strathmore Community Football Association announced that registration is open for peewee and bantams teams, even though no games are scheduled as of yet.

“Well, right now, what Football Alberta is allowing, with consultation with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and government officials is under phase two we can practice, and we have to limit our teams to 50 people,” explained President of the Strathmore Community Association, Greg Zaugg. “What we are not allowed to do under phase two right now is actually play against other teams.”

Players will have to be screened before they entered the field, and parents are not allowed to stay and watch practices as it stands right now. AHS also requires all coaches and trainers to be wearing masks and gloves at practices. Players also are required to be wearing gloves.

According to Zaugg, the most important regulation is cohort tracking, to make sure that if someone does develop COVID-19, it will be able to be traced back through the cohort.

Another huge change to the game will be the addition of a “responsible person” in charge of all COVID-19 related regulations.

“We are in desperate need of volunteers. The COVID process that we have to follow now requires each team to have what is called a responsible person. It can’t be a coach, it can’t be a trainer, it has to be a different individual. They are in charge of making sure that the association is following all the COVID-19 requirements. Without that person, we don’t have a season. We can’t play.”

The person can be a parent or community member looking to help out the team but it can not be anyone actually on the team. Zaugg is hoping to find the person to help, so practices can start without a hitch.

“Practicing is fun, and developing skills is important but there is just something about getting on a field on a Saturday and playing a game of football. The kids love it, its fun to coach, and it is fun to be a part of that. I’m really hoping we get to experience that again this year.”

COVID-19 has thrown us all into a different way of life, but for Zaugg, he hopes that there may be a day where they get back to playing football games.