The City of Calgary announced that they would be easing indoor water conservation measures on Tuesday.

Last month a water main broke in the city, which led to water restrictions being placed in Strathmore, Calgary, and Chestermere, among other places.

However, the city said that they would be easing these restrictions, which has led to the Town of Strathmore opening up the Aquatics Centre to the public.

"While the lap pool is re-opening, the hot tub, waterslide, and kiddie pool remain closed. Over the last week, the town has been finishing some much-needed repairs to the waterslide, kiddie pool, and hot tub," wrote the town on its Facebook page. "Once these repairs have been completed and the pool staff receive satisfactory pool chemistry results from AHS, the hot tub and kiddie pool will be open as well."

Although residents can ease back into indoor water use, stage 4 outdoor water restrictions remain in effect throughout the area. Residents are being asked to keep from filling hot tubs, washing their cars, and watering gardens until the restriction ends. In the meantime, residents can space out their laundry, dishes, and showers throughout the week to prevent spikes in water usage.

The emergency water main break happened on June 5 in Calgary, and since then, city officials detected and repaired five additional hot spots that were in need of repair.

More details will be provided once an update is given by the city.