The Strathmore Fun Runners are hosting their 27th annual Show and Shine on July 15 and 16.

The event is set to start with a cruise and a meet in front of the Strathmore Legion on Friday, July 15 and on July 16 local car enthusiasts we descend on Kinsmen Park for the day from 10-4.

Strathmore Fun Runners secretary Rick Grey shares what makes this unique event so appealing to locals and car enthusiasts alike.

“People take a lot of pride in their cars and build them up and polish them and keep them clean and stuff like that, so it's very energetic. You just have to show up and pay $10 to get in and park your car. It could be any kind of car too, it doesn't have to be a classic it can be an import, a newer car, It doesn't matter, it's open to anybody. We've got food trucks on site, beer gardens and a swap meet,  there's going to be lots of stuff to see and do.”

It was very important Grey noted too support local where they could so they will have 4 local businesses servicing food on-site along with Origin Brewing supplying the beer gardens, besides being a good excuse to show off your car the money raised is going to good use as proceeds from the event will go towards local charities.

Despite setbacks due to Covid-19, Grey is ecstatic to bring the event back this year.

“We'd like to show off our cars and have them in the park. It's nice to have it in the grass and the trees and the setting is really good. You have a lot of people that come from out of town to take part,  and you get to meet up with your buddies again every summer."

Grey is also excited to see the local turnout and expects to see tons of local car enthusiasts making their way out.

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