The Strathmore High School (SHS) Spartans football team has wrapped up its Spring Camp.

Head Coach Danny Warrack said it was well attended.

"45 kids signed up for most nights and high 30s for practices. Some were missing because they had lacrosse and rugby commitments." 

The Spartans Spring Camp players started their day by meeting with the team before practice and then getting to the field. 

"We usually run a two-hour practice. We did that for a couple of weeks, and then we finished the camp by having a Jamboree in Okotoks," added Warrack. 

jamboreeThe team at the Jamboree in Okotoks. Photo provided by Danny Warrack. 

Warrack said many schools show up and then play mini or modified games.

"It's like a controlled scrimmage but gives them a little game experience at full speed against other schools." 

According to Warrack, it is a good way for returning players to practice their skills and new players to get used to the speed of high school football. 

"The players are learning the system and getting used to the weekly grind of the regular season, which starts in mid-August, so it's kind of like a little preview of that."

The Spartans start their regular season with their game against Catholic Central High School on home ground on August 24.

"If your child is enrolled in Strathmore High School, Holy Cross Collegiate, or Wheatland Crossing, they could play football for us. We would love to get as many as we can," says Warrack.

Warrack then shouted out the minor league program, The Strathmore Badgers. 

"If your child is in grade 6, 7, 8, or 9, they can play with the Badgers. They have been growing lately and are looking for players to join their programs."

If you would like to be part of the Strathmore Badgers, click HERE.

If you want to be part of the SHS Spartans, Warrack can be reached HERE

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