Strathmore is hosting the South Central Alberta Hockey League (SCAHL) Bantam AA South Playoff Championships February 28 to March 3.

Each year the SCAHL tries to choose different places for the championships. According to the manager for the Wheatland Warriors Douglas Raycroft, “It's our kind of time, they try to get all the associations different years to host and this year is our year.”

Raycroft explained that there has not been a tournament here for a couple of years, “we applied for it and luckily we were accepted to host it this year.”

He said that “I think the coaches and the players are excited to have it in Strathmore. It gives all their friends and family a chance to come out and watch all the games. It’s nice to go out to these other towns for a tournament like this too, but it's a little bit easier to rest up when you are in your home town too.”

Raycroft said, “We actually have a pretty good team this year, and we’ve got a nice town to host an event like this as well.”

He said the weekend it going to have some pretty exciting hockey. The team is hoping to get lots of fans out to support them.