The Strathmore Legion is starting their new Coffee and Comradeship program on Saturday, February 11 to support veterans.

Event Organizer Sergeant in Arms Kevin Armitage explained the main goal of the program is to continue the Legion's efforts in reaching out to fellow veterans and offering whatever support they can.

"It's a coffee so that veterans can get together, we can start to socialize a little bit more, pull veterans out of some spots they might be in that they shouldn't be in. It's a way for us to show comradeship as well as learn from one another about services that are available to us."

Armitage added programs like this are an important way to show support amongst veterans, as well as letting all veterans know they aren't alone.

"There are people out there that are willing to talk to them, willing to help them. Even if they don't want to become a member of the branch they can still come up and have a coffee and talk about things that are affecting them. Anything to get them to know that they are still valued members of our society, that's the biggest part of it."

Support amongst veterans is the key component of this new event, as Armitage explained veterans are "a totally different breed than what normal society is," and it can be very difficult for a veteran to share their experiences with a civilian. 

"I saw a poster the other day that absolutely made sense to me: 'they taught us how to go to war, but nobody taught us how to come home.' These are things that we can discuss amongst ourselves."

Coffee and Comradeship is planned to run on every second and fourth Saturday of the month. They will all start at 11:00 a.m. and have no definite end time; the event will go as long as they want it to go. It will be held at Veterans Hall on the second floor of the Legion. However, Armitage added he would be happy to meet any veterans outside of the Legion as well, in case somebody is interested in reaching out but may not want to visit the Legion right away. 

Armitage and the Legion would also like to thank Tim Hortons for sponsoring Coffee and Comradeship.

If you would like to reach out to Armitage, you can contact him at 403-561-2115.

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