If you live in Strathmore, statistically there is a very good chance you feel you have a high quality of life. The Town of Strathmore's Citizen Satisfaction Survey reported a significant increase in quality of life from last year!

In 2021, 80% of people said they had a "good" or "very good" quality of life, but this year that jumped to 84%.Most of that growth came from the 2021 group, they said life was "somewhat good", as they have since changed their minds. On top of that, fewer than 2% of respondents said the quality of life was "somewhat poor", "poor", or "very poor."

Lachlan Milne with Framework Analytics was happy to see the jump from the "somewhat good" crowd from last year, as he says this shows a bigger jump in quality of life than some may think.

"For the people who said they had a 'somewhat good' quality of life, we don't consider this to be a very high finding. If somebody asks how your dinner was and you say 'it was somewhat good,' it isn't glowing praise. And we think it's the same for this if you say living in Strathmore is 'somewhat good,' that's not a ringing endorsement," he said.

It's great to see people feel good about living here, but what are the main driving factors behind this?

cssThe blue bars show how many people said what was behind their quality of life, and the green line shows how high that quality of life is. For example: the people that answered "unaffordable" have a significantly lower quality of life than those who answered "amenities". The quality of life at 0 towards the end does not reflect no quality of life; rather, there was insufficient data.
Courtesy: Town of Strathmore

57% of respondents reported our friendly, small town community and access to amenities were the biggest drivers in positive quality of life. While the majority of responses were positive, the biggest drop came for people who said life is unaffordable. This could be because of rising inflation, which when paired with the housing crisis, has made life very difficult for some.

Milne added another huge factor in positive quality of life in Strathmore is being able to stay in the community.

"When people spend time in Strathmore, if they don't have to leave their community to get something, it really drives quality of life. We can see that before, where people report that having access to amenities drives quality of life, and we can see it here again. if you can stay at home and get everything you need, it makes people belong more in their community and it makes people happier."

cssCourtesy Town of Strathmore

If Strathmore continues to grow — which is looking likely thanks to all the investments Wheatland County is receiving — it's possible people will do even more shopping here, possibly increasing quality of life even more.


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