Strathmore local curling athlete, Micayla Koostria, has been curling for over 9 years. In her second year with Team Wytrychowski, she is now a two-time provincial gold medalist when her team took the top spot in the tournament in Sexsmith, Alberta.  Head Coach, Joseph Brown of the Olivia Jones team that competed in that tournament talked about the road to the win, "Our team from the beginning of the season was a U21 team with a fifth member. Our skip Jessica Wytrychowski is too old to compete in the U18 provincial streams.  We weren't successful in the U21 competition, so our natural focus due to the remaining part of the season was to compete as the U18 team." 

Olivia Jones from Edmonton skips the U18 team with third Mercedes Smith from Edmonton, lead Emily Kiist from Okotoks and Koostria from Strathmore as the second. The four-member team qualified for provincials through a tournament in St Paul Alberta, which put them as one of the top eight teams to compete in the U18 division for provincials.  

The final match was a close one against the Zoe Cinnamon team out of Cochrane says Koostria, "The final score for us was 5 to 1. We stole one in the fourth and we took their one in the fifth, so we held them in the fouth, so it was 1 to 1.  Coming back we just played a really clean end, and we got our two in the seventh end, which had us leading 3 to 1. With them having hammer coming home in the eighth, and again we just played a great end.  We set it up well, and we didn't really give her a shot to tie it up."

Koostria will be playing with her U21 team and Jessica Wytrychowski will be back in the skip position for their next effort in St. Albert at the Marc Kennedy Junior Classic, and the Over the Pond Curling Exchange in Sweden. The U18 nationals take place April 20 to 26, 2020 in Sudbury, Ontario.