The housing market has seen an incredible rise all across Canada, and Strathmore is feeling the effects of it as well.

While the big cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary have seen the most dramatic increases, these price increases have also caused the market to also heat up here. Realtor Kevin Baldwin says people are looking to move to places like Strathmore as they get priced out of more expensive areas.

"The reason we're going up higher and higher is because the other two provinces are getting to a point where it's too expensive to live there and that's why they're coming here. They're selling their house for 2 million or a million and a half and buying something here for less, and then they can retire with that," Baldwin said.

"So why bother working in Vancouver or Toronto when everything you make is going out to pay to survive?"

The situation across Canada means that Strathmore's real estate market is directly linked to bigger cities. However, the types of homes that are selling are usually on the lower end, rather than the standard $400 thousand range.

"Most houses in Hillview, Wildflower, and Strathmore lakes are almost always four hundred thousand, so when they get to that price they go 'well might as well live in Chestermere, it's closer to Calgary'," Baldwin said.

"It's the lower-end homes that are selling, and whenever there's a low home on the market it's gone the same day. And the other ones are staying on because they don't want to pay the extra money, the 200 thousand or 150 thousand more."

While the lower house prices in Strathmore are one of the big draws for people looking for affordable housing, Baldwin explains that Strathmore specifically offers people a lot of things most other smaller locations can't, one of the big factors is the hospital.

"Because of the hospital, that's what the people are looking for. People are looking for a location that has hospitals." 

Strathmore's location also makes it a prime spot to live, "Strathmore isn't too far from Calgary. Strathmore has got a lot of good things compared to Airdrie, Okotoks and all the rest because we have three different highways you can take in. People like having that type of access," Baldwin said.

With prices continuing to rise all across the country, it's likely that the Strathmore market will continue to stay competitive as well as more people look for affordable places to live. 

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