With seniors being at a higher risk of developing heat-related illness during a heat wave, StrathmoreNow reached out to Wheatland Lodge to learn more about how the heat affects local seniors.

Christi Shworak, resident manager at the lodge, spoke about what goes into play when it comes to keeping cool.

"We try to be aware of when our programming is scheduled for on the hot day, so if we're going out on outdoor walks, or if we have exercises or games that were planned outside, they try to do that first thing in the morning," said Shworak. "We have advised all of our residents to be aware of where the sun is and to make sure their windows are closed, and their blinds are shut."

Wheatland Lodge is air conditioned, so the climate there has been "quite nice", according to Shworak.

However, there is a group of scootering seniors called the Over the Hill Scotter Gang who don't just beat the heat, they ride through it.

"I'll call them die hards. They go out every afternoon in this heat for about an hour to ride their scooters on all the pathways. I do see that they have their hats on and common-sense things for being aware of heat issues," added Shworak.

Although there hasn't been much of a change in the lodge's programming, Shworak said that she's noticed many residents taking breaks in the shade, and sometimes avoiding going outside altogether.

"We actually were looking forward to a little heat. We didn't feel that summer was even here yet, so they're not tired of it yet, but they would like a cooldown at night."

The lodge's scooter gang also has a history of philanthropy, having raised almost $750 for the Terry Fox Foundation back in June.