If you're looking for a new way to get a work out in, why not try swimming? For the first time ever, the Strathmore Silver Sharks Swim Club is starting a new Masters program for anyone 17 or older!

President of the Silver Sharks Christina Grant is excited to bring this new program to Strathmore. Several other swim clubs in places like Calgary have a Masters program, so she's happy that Strathmore can follow suit and offer a new activity for adults.

"It's a program that's geared towards adult swimmers, so anybody who is 17 plus who has a love of swimming and would love to improve their stroke and turn, their technique, or simply get some exercise in the pool. Lots of other clubs in the city offer a masters program, and this is the first time that we in Strathmore have tried to get it off the ground and running, so we're hoping to have the masters program run twice a week for an hour at a time," she said.

The program starts in October and would run until May. Grant explained the program is open to people of all skill levels, so long as you have some swimming experience. You don't need to be at a competitive level or anything like that, but you need to be able to swim to some extent.

"You need to be able to swim, not necessarily some previous experience, but be comfortable enough in the pool. This isn't a program for people who need to learn to swim, that would be swimming lessons. This is someone who wants to stay active, stay healthy, maybe improve some technique, maybe they're looking to continue training throughout the winter months for maybe a triathlon or something along those lines. Someone with basic swimming experience, but wants to improve or just stay healthy and active."

Grant continued to explain this program is perfect for people who may have been frequent swimmers before, but have since lost their endurance or technique and are looking to build themselves back up.

"It's just honestly to get your endurance back up, get your stroke and technique back up. Because there's going to be all types of athletic ability looking to join this program. Those who maybe are quite good in the pool and are looking for very specific advice, and those who are like 'I used to be really great a handful of years ago, and now I've lost it and want to get back there'."

At the moment it is unknown if competitions and swim meets would be part of the Masters program. While other clubs do organize meets, it depends on how much interest is in this Strathmore Silver Sharks Masters program. Even if there aren't swim meets though, the program is definitely open for people who love swimming and want to spend some time in the pool!

If you're interested in signing up, the deadline is at the end of August. You can find all the information on their website here.