Strathmore Soccer Association has just been announced as 1 of 4 clubs in the Province of Alberta to be nationally licensed by Canada Soccer Association as a Standard of Quality Soccer provider. 

“It is for players going into soccer anywhere in Canada, so it's a process of ensuring the safety of the players, development of skills, and then an inclusive approach to program offering," explained technical coach, Ryan Parkins. "What it entails is a huge volume of administrative works in terms of integrating new policies and procedures into our daily operations.” 

“So safe, safe sport is one element that we've added to our website so that we have a huge resource library for players and parents and coaches that they can refer to. And then on top of that, it includes changing the way certain programs and practices.” 

“What this licensing does is it puts us on-par with basically any other club in the region so that there's not necessarily any reason to go elsewhere.  

There are only three other clubs in Alberta that have this status. They are in Okotoks, Lethbridge and Edmonton.