This summer Strathmore Soccer Association (SSA) players and coaches will have the unique chance to be trained by members of the Canadian Premier League’s Cavalry FC soccer club.

According to Angie Boyd, Administrator of the SSA, on July 27 the SSA will also be recognized as the Cavalry FC club of the day at their home game.

“What that means is we will have some of our U9 players play a mini game at halftime. Some of our players will escort their Cavalry FC players onto the field. Some of our other players will be scanning tickets at entryway when people come in and players will be actually bordering the field and catching the balls that get kicked out of the field,” she said.

Boyd explained that the SSA would like to invite anyone who wants to come down and support the SSA to come to the Cavalry FC match, and buy a ticket to experience the excitement of the game live.

A link on the SSA’s website under the Supporters HQ tab will direct visitors to purchase tickets.

And those who buy tickets through the link will be giving back to the local club.

“$5 for every ticket sold will come back to the club. we will see a wide range of our soccer players actually participating in the event that they are ranging all the way from U-9 all the way up to U17,” she said.

“This is actually a really great opportunity because the day before, our coaches, including our junior coaches, which are 14, 15, 16 and 17 year old players who mentor coach, they are invited to join Cavalry during a pregame practice,” she said. Local coaches get to watch a pregame practice and see how the pros do it and then they get to participate in a Q&A session with the with the players and the coaches as well,” she explained.

“It's a really good learning opportunity for some coach development and for our coaches just to really have that opportunity to be at Spruce Meadows on the practice grounds and learning from the pros.”

Don’t forget to purchase tickets for the next Cavalry FC game on July 27.