Strathmore will be a new green energy hub very soon.  Recently you may have found a door hanger waiting for you while you were out, mentioning the Strathmore Solar Project by Solarkraft.

"The proposed Strathmore Solar Project is a 40.5 megawatt (MW) solar facility, located on 320 acres of Town of Strathmore industrial use land, immediately adjacent to the Strathmore Substation"

As part of their local consultations, they will be answering questions about the new facilities.  The solar grid is a horizontal low profile shingle design that will track the sunlight in an east to west pattern. 

The business model is set up to compete with traditional energy sources and will not be subsidized like other models from eastern Canada.  The company will also be seeking out a co-op partnership with a local beekeeper to utilize the space more efficiently. 

At present, there are only plans to distribute the energy through Fortis Alberta for commercial use but that could change as people look for more access to green energy sources.

The project is slated to start July 1, 2019 and completed December 31, 2019