The Strathmore High School Spartans football team started off their season about as well as they could've hoped. On Friday night, it was all Strathmore as they routed Monsignor McCoy High School 57-0!

The hot start to the season has the team feeling great, and Head Coach Danny Warrack was happy with how they played.

"Pass game was working pretty well early on. Defensively the guys played really well, they created a lot of turnovers which we actually scored a couple of touchdowns off of. You win the turnover battle, that usually means you're going to win the game right."

The score alone is enough for the team to feel good about the night, but Warrack explained it was even more significant for one of his players.

"One of the kids, his grandma passed away last week and he actually ended up scoring a touchdown and dedicated that to his grandma, it was a really cool moment to see that. He dedicated the game to his grandma and got a touchdown and that was a pretty emotional moment. Got the team fired up for sure."

While this game went phenomenally, Warrack is still looking at things to improve. He explained the scoreboard looked great, but it wasn't a flawless game.

"The team we played was a little weaker and inexperienced so I did expect us to win. They probably did about as well as I expected them to. We still made a lot of mistakes and got some things to work on, you've got to be able to pick that out when you're playing a weaker opponent."

Warrack pointed specifically to blitz pickup as something that needs to improve, as well as watching turnovers, as they had two that game.

Spartans vs Monsignor McCoy

The team faces a stiffer challenge next week against the Cardston Cougars, and Warrack says it would take a perfect game to beat them. It will be even tougher than usual for the Spartans to earn this win though, as captain Aidan Harker was lost to an injury on Friday. Warrack believes the injury isn't serious, but still expects them to be without the wide receiver and safety for a couple of weeks. He said it's going to take the entire team to replace his production.

"The guys that are backups to him, they're going to have to step up and really work to improve, get the plays down, know what they're doing. It might take a couple of players to replace him, he's a pretty important player to us."

Despite the challenges, Warrack is getting his guys ready for game time. After such a great win to start the season, the boys are riding high and will need to keep that energy up to make it two in a row!

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