The Strathmore Theatre Players' Guild (STPG) may be one of Strathmore's biggest hidden gems, as the actors and people behind it bring way more experience than you might expect.

Performing a wide variety of shows to appeal to many audiences, Co-chair of the STPG Angela Reeves said the talented people on the STPG crew allow them to put on great shows.

"One of our board members who joined us actually trained at the National Theatre School, has quite a bit of professional experience, and we are very blessed in that he has joined our group. Another member of our group has experience from working in England with different theatre companies there. Myself, I have a bachelor's degree in drama, so I brought that to the mix. And then our newest member, Lynn, has come to us with 25 years of experience from running a theatre company up in the Northwest Territories. So we are very, very blessed to have so many talented people in our group," Reeves said.

When one hears "community theatre," it's easy to imagine just a ragtag group of performers putting on a short show for a hobby. While the STPG is our community theatre, they're the furthest thing from ragtag, as the productions they put on are high-quality and professional. Given that they are a community theatre though, board member Lynn Elkin explained it's also a great opportunity for anyone to try theatre, even if they have little to no experience. 

"There's a real opportunity for somebody that didn't get a chance to ever try but thinks they might like to. Whether they're an introvert or an extrovert or whoever they are, they might like to give it a try," Elkin said.

This combination of professional experience and actors learning their craft makes the STPG a wonderful part of our community, as it offers inexperienced actors a chance to learn and grow in a positive environment, while the audience is treated to a fantastic show organized and run by people with professional experience. Reeves explained the STPG's upcoming show "Snow White: A Pantomime" is the perfect opportunity to get many actors involved, regardless of experience. With plenty of roles to fill and space for engaging background characters, Reeves encourages everyone who wants to give acting a try to audition for Snow White. Auditions are on September 4 and 5, and you can sign up for auditions by contacting the STPG through their Facebook page, website, or email

The STPG is a non-profit organization, so keeping everything running can be difficult at times. Every three years the group can fundraise through a casino, but apart from that community donations of things like set pieces and costumes and ticket sales keep them afloat. Elkin says if you're interested in supporting the STPG, the best way to do so is to buy a ticket and enjoy what they do!

"The real heart and soul for community theatre groups can be ticket sales, a wonderful way to support the group is to not just come, but to bring your closest 10 friends. If we could sell a lot more tickets, there would be an opportunity to continue to do more things," Elkin says.

At the end of the day, the STPG is all about delivering quality performances for the community and getting local community actors involved.

"There's always room for arts in your life, whether that's performance or other kinds of art. This is a really great way to give the experience a try and understand what it's all about," Elkin said.

Both Reeves and Elkin wanted to give a huge thank you to the Vault Cultural Collective, saying they've been incredibly supportive of not just the STPG, but all fine arts in Strathmore.

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