Fastpitch All-Star day in Calgary saw plenty of Strathmore Thunder representation last Sunday; 10 Thunder members were chosen as All-Stars for their impressive efforts throughout the year!

The All-Stars came from three different divisions, which was:

  • U11: Oaklyn Reid and Harper Byma
  • U13: Riley Bakker, Marika Sevcik, Danna Kubin, Addison Hazelwood
  • U17:Hailey Permann, Megan Kirkpatrick, Chloe Belanger, Tanisha Halvorson
allstarsU17 All-stars: Hailey Permann, Megan Kirkpatrick, Chloe Belanger, Tanisha Halvorson
Photo Courtesy: Strathmore Thunder

Head Coach of the U13 Thunder David Sevcik also coached one of the All-Star teams, and he said it was a great way to celebrate the season.

"Oh, it was a lot of fun. It was well deserved. We had a great season, the team and those individual players. So a good, ending for a rewarding season." 

The U13 team was exceptional, going 33-6-2 for the year. They won two silvers and gold, with the gold for winning the division in Calgary Minor, and the silvers coming from two tournaments in Strathmore and Lloydminster.

"Yeah, we had a phenomenal team. Same as any sport, everybody on their team has to contribute and we had some outstanding players and outstanding team." 

The U13 All-Star Game had a fun friendly rivalry, as the four girls weren't on the same team! There were two Strathmore girls each on opposing teams. Ultimately, the game ended in an 8-8 tie, which is fitting for two teams that are equally talented and deserving of being called all-stars.

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