Strathmore Value Drug Mart (SVDM) is bringing back Tools for School for the 34th year. This program focuses on ensuring all students have access to the school supplies they need. Applying for the free program gets you a box full of school supplies from SVDM so you'll be ready for the school year.

SVDM owner Stacie Morck explained that they plan to take the program even further this year.

"We want to go a little bit beyond just getting the necessities, we want to make sure they have something extra to get the children pumped for school, so we're doing that a little bit different this year. They'll have a little bit of a surprise when they do apply," she said.

Morck said when she was in school, her mom would make a big deal of getting new school supplies and it was very exciting for her, so she wants to deliver that same excitement for any of the kids taking part in the Tools for School program. Beyond the supplies needed for daily school activities, Morck said the surprise kids can expect could be things like crafting or science kits.

Tools for School has another facet to it, which is a large box full of school supplies donated to the six elementary schools in Strathmore. That way, any student short on supplies can get them in class to continue learning and taking part in activities. Similar to the packs students receive directly from SVDM having a surprise in them, Morck wanted to add a little extra into the boxes delivered to schools.

"This year we're actually going to be adding some prizes into those boxes so when they have read-a-thons or any sort of contest they'll have that already." 

SVDM has been doing Tools for School for 34 years, but the Value Drug Mart chain actually discontinued the program several years ago. Despite that, Morck said SVDM took the initiative on themselves to keep it going, and SVDM's success has now recently spurred on other Value Drug Marts to restart the program in their communities.

"Value Drug Marts are all about family needs, and as we keep building this brand and we've looked at the last three years and people struggled the last three years, it's amazing how much the other stores just want to give back to their community just the same way we are."

If you want to support Tools for School you can donate any school supplies at SVDM, or donate cash. All the money donated will be put straight into the program. If you want to apply for the program, Morck said the forms would be going up on its Facebook page on August 21, or you could just go to SVDM and pick up the forms there.


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