There is now another option for kids in Strathmore to express themselves creatively. 

Lynn Elkin organizer and instructor has started Youth Theatre Classes a new group in Strathmore available to two different age groups that include youth in grades 2 to 4 and grades 5 to 7.

This is a program that Elkin has volunteered to run in hopes to bring the arts to more youth across the community who may normally not have access to such programs.

"So because it's only a 10-week program, and it's only an hour a week, we're not working toward a production.  It takes a lot of time and so we really work about learning the skills that you would use in theatre."

With that being said Elkin did note that at the end of the sessions the students will put on a small showcase for their families to share what they have been learning. 

When it comes to the arts and the impact it can have on youth Elkin feels the possibilities are endless. 

"I think everybody has different skill sets and different interests, and the arts lets you look at the world in a different way.  There's a lot of teamwork certainly in theatre. It helps build your self-confidence, helps you look at yourself and the world."

The sessions Elkin explained will include learning about all aspects of theatre from on-stage performance, to costume and makeup application, and even learning what goes on behind the scenes noting the importance of sharing everything the theatre offers. 

"We want to help them see all those different pieces because not everybody wants to be on the stage in front of everybody, but they might like to do some of these other things that allow a creative output." 

The next session will be starting in January and running until April, Elkin said the group worked to keep the cost minimal at $100 for the 10 weeks of sessions and the funds are used to cover costs of supplies as everyone involved is a volunteer.

"We really want kids to have that opportunity, and I don't want at this point the money to be a barrier for them participating. I want them to be able to do it close to home I wanted kids to have an opportunity to come from school and just have supper and then run over and get this chance."

Elkin recently moved to Strathmore from the North West Territories to be closer to her family with 25 years of theatre experience she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with the younger generations in the community. 

This fall the group has been holding its first sessions and Elkin said so far the kids are loving every week, "So we're (grade 2-4) doing the Three Little Pigs and are two littlest grade twos they're twin wolves we're having two wolves, not just one because why not," she chuckled.

Elkin has been grateful for the community support thus far with The Vault providing a space for the groups to gather.  As they are starting to outgrow that space they have secured a space at the United Church moving forward. 

Registration and additional information can be found at, on the group's Facebook page Youth Theatre Classes, or by contacting Lynn directly at 867-446-2873. 

studentsThe students learning to apply theatrical makeup and creating bruises!  

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