And they’re off! The judges from the Communities in Bloom (CiB) competition have arrived n Strathmore this morning and have now began their tour of the municipality.

Two judges, one from Edmonton and another from Calgary, met with dignitaries, members of the Strathmore Communities in Bloom committee and Mayor Pat Fule at the Siksika Room at the Strathmore Municipal Building for a meet and greet event before setting out for the day.

Mayor Fule thanked volunteers, members of Communities in Bloom and town operations staff for their efforts in preparing the town for the judging.

“Your volunteer hours are huge and the thing that's amazing about Communities in Bloom is that your work and your efforts are very visual and so you can see quickly things you can do,” said Fule. He also noted the efforts of the town staff and Ag Society during the recent 2022 Strathmore Stampede.

Robie Pirie with Communities in Bloom judgesRob Pirie with Communities in Bloom judges Kathryn Glendinning (left) and Marie Wenger, 

He welcomed the judges to Strathmore.

“We know that our town has become something really special in a lot of different ways, but visually and as far as greenery and health and just the look the ability to add to recreation, Community in Bloom has done so much for that,” he said.

Both judges were familiar with Strathmore and have visited the municipality in the past.

Kathryn Glendinning, who is in her first year judging for Communities in Bloom said she is looking forward to seeing the local solar farms while on the tour today.

Marie Wenger, Communities in Bloom judge for over 15 years from Edmonton explains how this is her first time in Strathmore, despite her lengthy resume.

“I'm very excited and happy to be here. This is the first time that I've judged in Strathmore. A few years ago Strathmore hosted the provincial awards ceremony so I was here at that time and really got excited about how nice Strathmore looks,” she said.

“I’m so happy to be able to come and evaluate today. I'm always glad to be part of Communities in Bloom. I've been doing this since 2007 and I always find it a rewarding way to spend my summers to come to a town and see what they can do with what resources they have.”

The entire day will wrap up with a banquet held at the Strathmore royal Canadian Legion tonight.

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