What an exciting game of hockey Game 1 of the playoff series between the Calgarry Flames and Edmonton Oilers that was.

The Calgary Flames literally scored two goals in the first six minutes of play, and all together there were 15 goals scored in the entire game. We spoke to Edmonton Oilers superfan Trevor Don Weal about his view of the first game.

“It was pretty insane, that's for sure,” he said. “To be honest with you, I thought Calgary definitely came out really hard in the beginning and it just it felt like Edmonton was still asleep like they forgot to show up for the game,” he said.

He explained that the tide seemed to turn in the second period where Calgary had the lead. “They kind of thought it was over, Edmonton picked it up a little bit. I still thought Edmonton didn't play very well,” he said.

One of Weal’s favourite players on the Oilers roster is Connor McDavid.

“I mean obviously he's a generational player. He's top of the league. I do like the pick up of Evander Kane that they made. He does bring some grit to the team. There was a little bit of it last night, but I expect to see a little bit more out of him as well,” said Weal.

The Strathmore Oilers fan says he thinks play is going to settle down a bit for Game 2 on Friday.

“I expect a completely different game for the next one. I expect it to be a lot tighter, and probably only four maybe five goals scored in the next one,” he said.

Weal predicts both goalies are going to be a lot strong in Friday’s game.

In Game 1 Mike Smith was in net for the Oilers to start before he was replaced by Mikjo Koskinen.

Smith is a former Calgary Flames. Some may have thought that could have rattled Smith, playing against his former team.

“I wasn't a fan of Mike Smith when he was in Calgary. It took me some time to get used to him when he came to Edmonton. He's definitely that goalie that can make a difference in the game with how he plays the puck. Like he did in the LA series, the very first game. He wasn't very strong and he made some big mistakes and they lost that game. But he came back 100% stronger for the next game,” said Weal.

He says with Smith’s personality he thinks the Edmonton goalie is frustrated today, but he's going to be a completely different person come tomorrow night's game. “He's going have something to prove just like he did in the LA series,” he said.

For Game 2 he says he’s a little undecided, “but I think the Oilers are going to come out on top.”

“I expect them to step it up for Game 2. I expect them to be a different team than we saw in the first game.”

And to be sure, there’s still no cheer of ‘go flames go!’ in the cards for Weal, not just yet.

Weal says so far there’s a good kind of comraderie between the Calgary and Edmonton fans so far.

“Everybody is in good spirits and good hearted about it. And I just hope that it continues that way right through. I don't want to see any fights in the stands or fights breaking out in the parking lot. I know it's the Battle of Alberta, but I think we all need to keep it civil and we can joke and laugh and rag on each other about it, but it doesn't have to go any further than that,” he said.