As we see a slight shift in the temperature this week, Meteorologist with Environment Canada Terri Lang explained over the next 36 hours we could see significant winds in the area.

Lang says folks should secure anything loose around their property just in case the winds pick up overnight, "It looks like that is the case, but for tomorrow the chinook winds don't kick in probably until late tonight into tomorrow."

Lang did note that the winds will be stronger near the foothills and weaken the farther from the foothills you get, "So in the Strathmore region it looks like winds gusting about 70 to 80 kilometres."

Once the winds start surpassing the 60 to 70 km/hr mark, Lang said that is when you may start to see things flying down the street.

"It's something to keep an eye on and maybe secure your Halloween decorations so they don't end up in your neighbours yard."

Strathmore may get off light compared to our neighbours to the south, with the Foothills expecting winds to pick up to 90 to 100 km/hr. Lang did say the winds can have impact driving conditions, but this time around they are not expecting severe weather to combine with the wind, which should make things much less perilous for drivers. 

"Certainly as we get deeper into the fall and into the winter, that will become an issue when we start seeing snow coming along with these winds. We can get reductions in visibility and snow and icy conditions, but not this time."

Forecasters are closely watching the potential for a blast of fairly cold weather and Arctic air next week, with cooler temperatures set to take shape for the first week of November.

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