Students at the George Freeman School have added a new structure outside of their building. 

A peace pole was placed at the entrance of the school -- an internationally recognized symbol of the hope for peace. 

The students laid poppies on the pole on Thursday morning (Nov. 9).

"This reflection and acknowledgment of the growth of the living should be supported by this peaceful message, make peace prevail on earth," said Larry Freeman, son of the school's namesake.

The ceremony was part of the K-9 school's Remembrance Day activities.

Larry and Gina Wozney were in attendance and spoke about their father's time as a WWII soldier. They also spoke about those who still serve.

"Today we honor the efforts of these peacekeepers and recent veterans who were present in the Middle East and other conflict areas," added Larry. 

He explained that historically, about 125,000 Canadians have participated in the United Nations peacekeeping operation with 130 individuals losing their lives.

"Remembrance Day supplies the time to fundamentally think about the sacrifices all the veterans and peacekeepers have made in the past and the ongoing dedication of police officers and first responders today." 

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