The Sunsational Market is back this weekend, and organizers Kim Grant of Necia's Notables and Shawna Feradi from Creative Events are thrilled to be able to showcase new and returning artisans at this year's market. They'll also welcome Wildfire BBQ & Catering, who will have their food truck parked on-site during the event.

Grant explained that this is a unique market in that all the vendors are artisans with all products being handcrafted.

“We have a few new vendors that are we're really excited about. Lots of artisan handmade products which we are looking forward to getting to showcase.”

Vendors will include handcrafted furniture, home décor, watercolour artwork, preserves, and baked goods, along with many other items being featured. Grant, an artisan herself, shared the importance for them to put on this market that solely focuses on what local artists create, noting it is important for them to have a space to share what they do and a place filled with encouragement, not competition, from the artists around them.

“One of the reasons we do this market is to celebrate artists and encourage them because I think sometimes all of us in retrospect look at our craft and say 'oh, is it really worth the time and effort,' and we want to encourage them to say yes it is, because there's so much talent out there.”

Along with showcasing the local artists, Feradi said that seeing the community come together year after year is another reason why they continue to bring this market back. With the communal atmosphere, it is no surprise that vendors want to continue to come back.

“We do have some returning vendors and we've had a lot of artisans and vendors that are newer going to markets and it's really kind of boosted their confidence to try new markets or try something different with their business.”

Feradi said it can be overwhelming for some vendors who are attending their first market, and if they are able to provide space for artists to share what they love, then in their eyes they will have a successful event.

Grant and Feradi have enjoyed the opportunity to showcase what they do and give space for others to do the same. One thing unique to this market for the vendors is they are not limited to a small space; they can spread out as they need in the yard in order to truly showcase their creations.

The market will be held on September 4th from 10:00 to 3:00 and is located just east of Strathmore off of Highway 1, visitors will turn onto highway 561 and then onto RR 230. There is plenty of parking and Grant said with Wildfire BBQ & Catering on site it is a nice drive to even stop out for some lunch before visitors enjoy some outdoor shopping.

mapIt is just a short drive to find new treasures at the Sunsational Market

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