The Wheatland and District EMS is once again decorating one of their out of service ambulances and handing out candy bags to kids this Halloween. The AmBoolance as it were, will be cursing around town and neighborhoods waiting for trick or treaters to give candy too and to give tours of the truck. 

Primary Care Paramedic for the Wheatland and District EMS, Tayna Shpyth said that it is a way for them to give back to the community. 

"We want to spread some cheer, spread some Halloween joy and try to get everyone to come out and see the decorated AmBOOlance." 

This is something that has been done for many years by the Wheatland and District EMS, last year however it was just unfortunate timing for them. 

"We had a call that took our crew that was supposed to do it at a service unfortunately. So, we weren't quite able to do it for the kids last year. We're just trying to get back into the spirit of giving this year and the kind of spreading joy throughout the community."

Shpyth says that they (EMS's) see so much pain in their day that just having fun with kids in costumes and playing music over the PA speakers is just kind of what everybody needs. 

"Everybody loves it. They have so much fun, sometimes when you see ambulances out and about, it's not the most positive thing in the world. So, to see it decked out and decorated and just being able to have that. We've had great responses from parents and kids. They always get excited to see the emergency vehicles." 

They Wheatland and District EMS crew is very excited to put this on again for the community.

"It is something that we have been looking forward too for months now Just kind of getting the wheels rolling on. It was a bit difficult at first, just trying to decide what and how we wanted to decorate because we want to do it right." 

The AmBOOlance will start driving from 4 P.M - 6 P.M and then they will take a half hour break then go from 6:30 P.M-7:30 P.M on Halloween night (October 31). The plain is for them to start their drive at the communities of Cambridge and Strathaven first. So. make sure you keep on the lookout for the AmBOOlance in your community. 

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