We have had a mix of weather this past week and the temperature is about to make a big shift as the first official day of winter (December 21) approaches.  

Natalie Hasell with Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada says we can expect overnight lows near -30 next week.

Heading into the weekend there is snow in the forecast for Friday night and Saturday it is expected to only be around 2 CM with a high of -12 on Saturday.  That will be the warmest temperature Strathmore and area can expect over the next few days as temperatures will start to dip with daily highs only forecasted to reach between -20 to -28 starting on Sunday. 

"Saturday night the temperature falls to -21 and then Sunday night we should see temperatures fall to -27 and we stay in that range of temperatures for the next several days." 

And where is this cold front coming from?

"Cold air from the Arctic to make it down to the southern prairies. You're not alone in this so it'll pretty much be everyone in the prairies being affected by this."

There is good news though, looking ahead to the holidays the temperatures do start to warm up over Christmas, still pack the extension cord and the emergency blanket on your travels just in case.