A new job website is in town, and it isn't anything like Indeed.

Temployment is a recently developed site that helps people looking for a quick job in getting connected with employers. The idea originally came from Pastor Elizabeth Karp from the Strathmore overnight center in March of 2021, and has since seen Heckya join the project. The original idea was inspired by cash corners.

"A cash corner is something that used to be used where if people were looking for day work, or if they were looking to pick up some temporary work they could hang out and different employers or trades would come by and look to hire them," Heckya's director of business development Scott Silva said.

Heckya took the lead on finding a way to digitize this idea. Silva said he and his team wanted to connect people online with cash corners in mind.

"What we wanted to do was create a digital cash corner where employees and employers could come together, put out their requests for either services or opportunities for work and have the ability to connect directly. So Temployment is just that," Silva said.

While Temployment has been up since March 2021, the current version of it was launched at the end of April of this year. The current version is a fully automated process, which makes the hiring process much smoother. Even though the site is young, it already has over 150 active users. Silva says the unique jobs Temployment offers are a big draw.

"For employees, it allows people that might already have some work, or might not be working at all, to maybe get their foot in the door with another opportunity for either more income or a secondary income or their first position, even those that are currently employed looking for other things."

For employers, it offers a way to hire people for jobs that wouldn't be posted on more orthodox websites.

"It allows them (employers) to provide or showcase an opportunity that might not be typical contract work or full-time work. To be able to find something within a local region for that day work, or ongoing day work, with the hopes that this could eventually lead to full-time recruitment."

Temployment is free and connects employees directly to the employer, so you don't have to worry about going through a lengthy hiring process.

"There's no middle man. There's no cost to it. There's no inherent benefit for anyone except the employee and the employers to get each other working together."

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