We all leave things to the last minute, but it is good to know when that last minute is. Lila Sprecker from Canada Post, located in Strathmore Value Drug Mart explained that the dates are coming up fast. 

“If you are local, it is before December 21, otherwise you will have to express post it. Regional is December 20, and national which would be all the way down east would be December 17.”  

She explained that local means Strathmore and Calgary area, anything farther than that would be classified as regional.  

If you are looking to ship down to the United States, there are only a couple more days to do so. The shipping deadline for Christmas is November 19.  

While it is likely that packages will get to where they are going on time, Sprecker commented that the pandemic has made everything back up.  

“There is no guarantee in a pandemic, so if you can get it sent early, I would recommend doing so.”  

Right now, the post office is experiencing a bit of a calm before the storm, and Sprecker isn’t sure when or if it is going to hit as the pandemic has affected the postal system drastically.