The Labour Day long weekend is here, and with that you may have travel plans to enjoy the extra day off.

If you're travelling any long distances outside of town, there are several options to get your gas and fuel up before taking off for the weekend.

In Strathmore our gas prices are sitting at 149.9 cents per litre at most locations, but if you're travelling westbound Chestermere is 5 cents cheaper at 144.9 cents per litre. If you can wait a bit longer as you continue westbound, Calgary has the cheapest gas prices, ranging from 139.9 to 142.9 cents per litre at most locations.

If you're travelling north towards Edmonton, Calgary still appears to be the best place to fuel up. However, if you aren't stopping by Calgary Airdrie is still cheaper than Strathmore, at 145.9 cents per litre at most locations. As you continue further up north you'll notice that Red Deer's prices are identical to Airdrie.

For any southbound travellers, Calgary once again appears to be a solid choice if your route takes you through there. Okotoks is identical to Strathmore's prices at 149.9 cents per litre, so don't expect a discount there. However, if you're willing to wait a bit longer High River actually offers huge savings, with most stations offering gas at the low price of 139.9 cents per litre. 

Finally, if you're travelling west there aren't any discounts nearby, but depending on how far you're travelling Brooks could be a solid option, with the majority of their gas stations sitting at 141.9 cents per litre.

All gas prices are taken from Gas Buddy, and the costs reflect market conditions on August 31.

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