The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) will deliver live cattle chain of custody tracking for the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef's (CRSB) Certified Sustainable Beef Framework. 

After reviewing the program operation for the last two years the CRSB is confident thCt working with the CCIA will enable consistent implementation of its Chain of Custody Requirements and improve transparency of live-cattle movement across all CRSB Certified Supply chains. 

CRSB Certified operations with CLTS accounts will now be able to see the "CRSB Certified" status of their cattle’s identification indicators as those indicators/cattle move through the supply chain. 

Ryan Beierbach, Chair of the CRSB says they are pleased to work with the CCIA on this adding it will provide more clarity of CRSB requirements and allow greater success of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework.

The CCIA's General Manager Anne Brunet-Burgess points out that the CCIA has an enviable track record in livestock data management, including chain of custody tracking.